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Affordable Prom and Formal Event Picks

It’s prom season and I’ve found some stylish, yet affordable, prom dresses that are absolutely stunning. I found these dresses on

Watercolor Romantic Dress

This dress is absolutely adorable. The color combination would look amazing on any complexion. The shape of the dress would also flatter many body types and the sweetheart neckline gives it a flirty but innocent image. This would make a nice prom dress and is also great for spring formal events. I would pair this dress with pewter pumps and silver drop earrings. This dress costs $84.99.

Last Slow Dance Dress

If I did not already purchase my prom dress, I would have definitely ordered this dress. Not only do i love the plum color, but look at the cut of this dress! It definitely makes a statement. It makes a bold fashion statement and it would definitely set you apart from a crowd. The cut of the top of the dress acts as  an accessory, so all you would really need to pair with this dress is a dainty bracelet, gun-metal colored earrings and black pumps. This dress costs $54.99.

Enchanted Evening Dress

This dress is bold and has mysterious look to it. I absolutely love this halter style and the the flaring of the dress. The color also adds to its bold impression. I see this as a dress made for a formal party and I would pair it with silver sandal heels and matching jewelry. This dress costs $79.99.

You’re the Fun Dress

This dress says “Girl Next Door” and it is fun and flirty. It’s sweetheart neckline would be very well complimented with a dainty charm or statement necklace. The color also makes it fun for prom. It costs $89.99.

The Charmed Life II: Some of My Charm Necklace Picks

After doing some browsing on the web, I have found some great charm necklaces that I would love to share with you all. These necklaces come from various stores and all add a distinct touch to any outfit.

Colleen Lopez Charm-Style 2-Tone 16' Drop Necklace

I absolutely love this charm necklace. I love that it has a great variety of charms ranging from Italian-inspired cameos, glass hearts and goldtone tassels. The dimensions of this necklace are so intricate and although this necklace has a lot going on, each part of it compliments the other. This is the necklace for anyone who wants something that not everyone is wearing because this is a piece you don’t see everyday. This necklace would look amazing with a dress with  sweetheart neckline or a v-neck. It can be found at for around $65.

Braided Charm Necklace

This necklace is more on the simpler side. I love how versatile it can be and how easy to manage it. The intertwining of the cord and the silvertone chain is very fashion forward and the petite charms add a casual elegance. This is the necklace you would wear to school or out to lunch with friends . It would look great with a t-shirt and jeans or even a crop top. It can be found at Forever 21 at a super affordable price, $5.80.

Lanvin Travel-Charm Necklace

This necklace comes the Lanvin French House of Fashion and it is definitely a bold necklace. This piece is crafted of brass, meaning that it is durable, and I especially love the different metal tones. The charms illustrate the different fashion destinations such as New York City and Paris. I would pair this necklace (or one similar to it) with a military style jacket, camisole and jeans. This necklace is definitely for someone who is willing to splurge (it is $3700). It is available at

These are just a couple of the plethora of charm necklaces I think are truly trend setting.

Live a Charmed Life: The Charm Necklace

I’d have to say one of my favorite fashion trends has to be the multi charm necklace. The style has always been around, but for the past couple of years, new designs have just flourished! As a little girl, my sister and I would always collect charms for our little charm bracelets, and when I discovered charm mecklaces as a teenager, it became one of my go to accessories.

One of the things I love about charm necklaces is that it can dress up any plain outfit. You can turn a white tank top and dark jeans into a going out outfit instantly with the addition of this piece of jewelry. It also makes getting ready to go out much easier because with a charm necklace, earrings and bracelets are not a necessity.

There are several styles of charm necklaces and they are very versatile. There are pieces that are elegant, while there are some that are more casual. I love the charm necklaces that are vintage inspired and the ones that go with every outfit.

Several designers and celebrities have their own charm necklace designs, including Chanel, Juicy Couture, Betsey Johnson, Jessica Simpson, Mariah Carey, the list goes on. Charm necklaces also vary in prices, so every girl can afford one! Charm necklaces can be found at various stores and online sites (usually where

My first charm necklace, Glamour's Parisian Charm Necklace

ver jewelry is sold). Some good retailers include department stores such as Dillard’s, Macy’s, Forever 21, HSN[.com], QVC[.com], and Evesaddiction[.com].

I got  my first charm necklace for my 17th birthday and from that moment on, I knew it was an accessory I could not live without. My necklace came from HSN and it’s from the Glamour Jewelry Collection (pictured on the right). The multi charm necklace is definitely a piece I recommend to every fashionista who wants to live the charmed life!