Modernize Your Style with Vintage Flare at

Last week I found the perfect dress for my upcoming senior prom in May. I ordered it from this unique site I found out about two years ago. The minute I found this site I was hooked and I could not get enough of its “daring to be different” fashions. This site is and it’s where vintage styles meet modern-day fashion.

Modcloth was founded by Susan Gregg Koger. Ever since Koger was in high school, she had a passion for thrift shopping and vintage clothing. She would purchase any great finds she saw, despite their size. These fashions eventually filled up her dorm room. At the age of 17, Koger and her husband (then-boyfriend) decided to start an online shop. Today, Modcloth has expanded, selling vintage pieces and vintage-inspired items from indie designers.

Not only do I love Modcloth for its distinct fashions, but I love that it suits every budget, whether you’re like me and have a high school/college budget and have to spend sparingly or if you’re well established and willing to splurge. No matter how much you spend at Modcloth, you know you’re getting a high quality item that’s fashion forward and one-of-a-kind.

Modcloth sells clothing for both women and men. The site also sells shoes, bags, accessories, vintage items, home/dorm decor, books, cameras, electronics, and many more. Modcloth’s entire inventory is unique and unlike any other items you will find elsewhere. My favorite department on this online store is the dress department. They have dresses for formal events such as prom and weddings and they also have casual dresses as well.

The site also has an amazing customer care service. The service team helps shoppers with just about every concern they have, whether it’s about the fit of an item or with purchasing and shipping. Modcloth also has its own Modstylists who help customers with style advice upon request. They also help you find the perfect item based on your unique style.

This is definitely a site that’s worth a try. If you’re someone who wants to own clothing that’s different than the rest of the crowd, then this is definitely the site for you. Modcloth is online store that I trust and I can surely see myself shopping there for many years to come.



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